Getting Ready for the 30/30 Show!!

I LOVED painting for 30 days,

and now I LOVE preparing for the 30/30 Art Show!

Every day I’m involved in the prep…

Yesterday I ordered the calendars,

received the rack cards,

and started distributing them.

(And finished and delivered a cookie order:)

ballerina cookies

Plus a ton of other things…

Good thing I’m a woman and can multi-task!

I’m taking the day off from The Art Show

and joining Planet Fitness today.

If you’re not exercising, you need to start!!

I walk and do yoga, but a full hour of exercise DAILY is


After I hit Kroger and the recycling bins,

I get to come home and PAINT!!

I have a few commissions to get started on

and I can’t wait!!

Thanks for following along,


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