My Heart is Full

My FIRST 30/30 Art Show


Pictures (of the event) to be added here when I get one

And it had almost nothing to do with my art…

Well, almost nothing.

You know how at your wedding…

everyone you love is there…

cheering you on.

That’s how it was.

Friends, family, former co-workers, neighbors, and classmates,

new friends, and lovely people who followed my 30/30, or

lovely people who found out about it…

They were there, cheering me on.

And the people that helped me:

Tina for encouraging me to do the show.

Helen, Nancy, Millie, Val, Paula, and my son, Hunter,

 tirelessly worked the show,

 Aaron-Michael promoted my show on the Downtown Huntington FB page,

and my husband, Rick,

who was in Japan and couldn’t be there,

for his unwavering support of my art.

To you all:  I’m forever grateful.

My heart is full.

Thanks for following along,


btw… my calendars and prints are now available.

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