Purple Rabbits

Today’s post is all about the purple rabbit cupcake pics!

I first drew a sketch of my cupcake pic

(should it be pic or pick??)

using my rabbit cutter as a guide…

Notice it’s messy.

I drew it too small and kept adjusting the size

until it was just right.

Rabbits images

The triangle under the rabbit

goes into the cupcake.


I then positioned a sheet of parchment paper

on my cookie sheet with my sketch under it…

And piped icing to outline the rabbit…

I moved the sketch along to complete the row.


I filled them with thinner icing called flood icing.


And waited overnight.

Yes it’s hard, but you HAVE TO!

Today I stenciled a sweet design with my air brush machine.

and added a few details.


Wa-la! …

adorable purple cupcake pics.

Yes, I know they’re not purple-purple…

I spoke to the hostess yesterday,

and she thought a lighter shade would be nice.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the cookie making.

btw… I’ve added a couple of classes

to the workshop schedule😉

Thanks for following along,


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