Jill and her family are HUGE Marshall fans.

They tail-gate in a green and white motor-home, the Thundering Herd Mobile.

You get the picture;)

She’s ordered my cookies several times,

including a gift set for Vinny Curry…

Vinny cookie

If you don’t know, Vinny plays defensive end

for the Philadelphia Eagles…

following a successful college football career at Marshall.

Jill and her family are very close to Vinny,

Last weekend they went to Philly to visit him,

watch an Eagles game, and …

Jill being Jill she wanted to take him a gift;)…

She asked me to create a painting from this photo…

picture of Vinny

I thought it would make a great oil painting…

but I’m not an oil painter…yet…

so I did it in pastels (colored chalk)…

Vinny Curry pastel drawing

I hope he likes it:)

Thanks for following along,


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