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From Start to Finish

Some people love before, during, and after photos. I’m one of those people. But that’s a big tease for this blog post because I pretty much forgot to take pictures, but I do have a few!Client photo… I know, absolutely adorable. But take note. Look at the all the obvious

I just LOVE a challenge!

When asked recently to paint a child’s portrait, I decided I would use pastels. I had used them for this painting of our neighbors’ dog, Tasha… here’s that story… But I felt the need to upgrade my materials; so I ordered professional grade soft pastels, and high quality pastel paper


Jill and her family are HUGE Marshall fans. They tail-gate in a green and white motor-home, the Thundering Herd Mobile. You get the picture;) She’s ordered my cookies several times, including a gift set for Vinny Curry… If you don’t know, Vinny plays defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles… following a successful college

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