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From Start to Finish

Some people love before, during, and after photos. I’m one of those people. But that’s a big tease for this blog post because I pretty much forgot to take pictures, but I do have a few!Client photo… I know, absolutely adorable. But take note. Look at the all the obvious

I just LOVE a challenge!

When asked recently to paint a child’s portrait, I decided I would use pastels. I had used them for this painting of our neighbors’ dog, Tasha… here’s that story… But I felt the need to upgrade my materials; so I ordered professional grade soft pastels, and high quality pastel paper

Is this painting?

Do you recall this painting? You may or may not think it’s painting, I’m working with pastels these days, and I can’t show you the whole piece, but I just wanted to let you know… I’m painting EVERY day…(sort of):) Thanks for following along, Linda

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