I just LOVE a challenge!

When asked recently to paint a child’s portrait,

I decided I would use pastels.

I had used them for this painting of our neighbors’ dog, Tasha…

here’s that story

But I felt the need to upgrade my materials;

so I ordered professional grade soft pastels,

and high quality pastel paper in a variety of colors!

(You may remember my recent blog post

regarding my affinity for art supplies😉

Once I got my new supplies

I was ready to tackle this challenge…

and I LOVED it!

Thanks for following along,



2 Replies to “I just LOVE a challenge!”

  1. Ruth Sullivan says:

    How much do you charge for a pet portrait like the one you showed here? What size is it? You are amazing.

    • Art by Linda says:

      Thanks, Ruth:) I can’t remember the size of that painting, but it was either 8×10 or 9×12. I’m working on my fee schedule now, but my house portraits are the same price as animals and people, so you can go by that… 8×10- $250, and 9×12 is $300. I’m working on it now, so I’m not sure if you see it or not. It will definitely be finished by tomorrow night. Thanks, again!

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