The Huntington Challenge

I’ve started again.

You may remember that this time last year,

I announced my participation in a painting challenge:

~30 Paintings in 30 Days~

And then COOKIE CLASSES happened!!

I started teaching cookie classes to raise money for my friend…

plus a few other BIG INTERRUPTIONS happened…

But I’m ready to have another go at it!!


 Once again I’ll be painting…

important, beautiful, or classic Huntington buildings or places.

Before, I asked for you to tell me places to paint,

and you gave me tons of ideas.

I went out several different days and took photographs

from the East End to the West End…all over!

I’ll use many of those,

in fact, I did with this painting…

MU fountain
Marshall University Memorial Fountian

and this…

Old Main painting 5x7.2
Marshall University Old Main

But this time I’m asking for something different.

I’d like for you to email me photos that you’ve taken

of Huntington places you love…

It can be anything in Huntington.

If I create a painting from your photo,

I will send you a copy of the painting.

If I use the painting in a calendar or something else,

I will give you credit as the photographer.

Send the photos to-

And everyone who sends me a photo will…

be in a random drawing for something NICE;)

Make sure you give me your name.


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