30/30…Painting #1

Simpson Dr painting3

The little fence had me at hello.

As soon as I saw this house

I knew I was painting it.

Built in the 60’s when I was a child,

this house was near Sandy’s house.

She and I played together, rode bikes together,

highlighted one another’s hair…

(we always laughed off the disastrous results)…

Sandy lived in one of these.

The family room’s on the lower level…

Hers had a mosaic rooster made out of beans propped up on the hearth.

The kitchen’s always at the top of the little up-staircase

in the center of the house.

A few years ago I had the good fortune

to be invited to a couple’s UNBELIEVABLE redo of a split level…

The kitchen had been transformed into a sitting room…

and the downstairs family room had a kitchen added…

It was TOTALLY cool.

Painting #2 is tomorrow;)

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